Trust in Him, people, at all times; pour our your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us. Psalm 62:8


Waiting with hope, how awesome is that!  It doesn’t mean we will not have doubts or questions.  It doesn’t mean we will not act rashly.  It doesn’t mean we will get what we want or think we should have.  It does mean that we can trust in the One to whom we all belong.


I went outside very early this morning hoping to catch a glimpse of the Orionid meteor shower.  As I watched the sky turn from deep shades of royal blue to aqua to turquoise, I noticed the shaded silhouette of a bird on the ridge of my neighbor’s roof


If I became sick, I would let you off the hook NOT because I am a follower of Christ, NOT because you deserve it or have done anything to have earned it, NOT because you think you managed the pandemic well but because you have no idea what you are doing.


Gratitude can heighten our awareness to kindness and goodness.  Gratitude can make all our words and actions more poignant and every breath precious. Gratitude is an act of humility and selflessness that assumes nothing but compassion and generosity for and towards all God’s beloveds—all creatures great and small.

Washing Feet

“Gathering for one of the final times with his students and closest friends, he (Jesus) rises from the table, wraps a towel around his waist, assumes a servant’s posture, and begins to wash their feet . . . in attendance at the meal is Judas Iscariot, the disciple who would soon betray Jesus and precipitate his arrest, beating—and execution.”  John Pavlovitz, The Bigger Table


Who is deceived?  Is she deceived or am I deceived?  Or are we both deceived?  If there had been social media during the Civil War, would Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis, Ulysses S. Grant, or Robert E. Lee have been accused of being deceived?  I wonder.

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