I love how peaceful and still everything is in the early morning hours of the day—twittering birds, a ticking clock–the silence refreshes my soul.
I breathe more deeply in these moments when nothing is vying for my attention—no doing, just being.
Even the hands on the clock seem to move slowly in this healing revelry.

In the stillness my imagination takes me away . . .
. . . to the ocean where I hear the calm assurance of the rhythmic waves gently breaking and feel the salty mist on my face.
. . . or to the forest my soul wanders–I lift my arms skyward as if I am a majestic conifer in this tranquil cathedral; I smell the dewy moss growing.
. . . or to an open field where I lie down among the wistfully swaying grasses looking upward to an ink-black sky dotted with incandescent points of brilliant luminescence.

The reverberating timbre of a train horn in the distance brings me back to my office.

I wish everyone in the whole world would stop at once if only for a minute to drink in and embrace our being together as One.