Mr. President,

I am just going to get right to the point.

First, rather than browbeating school districts to reopen by threatening to withdraw Federal funding, why not take those funds and invest in laptops for every student in the United States and take measures to assure all students have a good and affordable broadband connection? This proposal would open other avenues for learning particularly for students who may not do well in traditional classroom settings. Textbooks and other educational resources could be fully on-line thus eliminating educational inequalities.

Secondly, why have you systematically dismantled over 100 laws and regulations designed to protect the environment? Instead of rolling back these directives because you view them as economically restrictive, why don’t you use them as an opportunity to create new technologies, which would in turn create jobs? Why do you insist on destroying our planet rather than thoughtfully managing our ever-limited resources? The earth simply cannot sustain the human population without reflective stewardship strategies for future generations.

Third, you have taken an adamant pro-life stance on abortion. How do you propose to enforce laws against abortion? Do you intend to incarcerate the women who have an abortion? Should you not also incarcerate the men who impregnate them? Will there be stricter laws for women than men, or vice versa, and why? Since you seem determined to legislate women’s bodies, should you not also regulate the number of ejaculations men are permitted within a certain time period? What are your proposals to support women’s healthcare, or do you continue to just see us as a bunch of pu**ies you can grab?

Fourth, what are your ideas for law enforcement reform? Why do you insist on militarizing our police rather than looking for creative ways for ‘law and order’ that bring about community connectiveness?

This list of issues is in no particular order and is certainly not a comprehensive inventory of the vast obstacles, conflicts and inequities the United States is facing as a nation. I haven’t even mentioned your complete mismanagement of the Pandemic and the lies, delusions and propaganda you have used to try to convince people it will just ‘go away.’

Frankly I am writing this letter because I am completely worn out by and disgusted with your rambling, hatred-filled rhetoric. The United States has many serious and complicated issues and your way of dealing with them has been and is to use labels and words to polarize its citizens and dehumanize those who do not fit your white male patriarchy privileged viewpoint.

Creative problem solving and caring conversations cannot occur through such a limited, deluded and punitive mindset such as yours.

Finally, rather than spending your campaign funds creating advertisements that try to discredit and defame your opponent, why not generate commercials that answer my questions. I really want to know!

With respect to the office you now hold,
Susan Fridinger