A friend is grieving the loss of her mom.

Another friend just had to put her puppy to sleep.

And another friend is battling illness.

I find it somewhat easy to mourn with those who are mourning but when it comes to celebrating with those who celebrate, I’m not very good.

A neighbor passed me in the lobby and with great excitement declared, “My taxes are done and I’m so relieved.”

Being the good guy I am I replied, “Wow that’s awesome. Way to go!!”

But my inside voice really said…

“Way to go Mr. Goody-Two-Shoes. Rub it in!”

I was jealous.

Choosing to be mindful of my moments in life, this moment gave me an opportunity to sit in quietness and think.

What I discovered made me uncomfortable.

Why do I find it easier to mourn with those who are mourning but internally I fail at celebrating with those who celebrate?

Could it be that problems play so well with my “let me fix it” narrative?

Or could it be that when others are down I feel better about my life?

Maybe it’s really that I have a level of compassion for people.

But when people celebrate, sometimes I feel jealous.

Sometimes I want to one up the person with my own success story just to prove I have something to celebrate.

I’ve been learning that it’s ok to be present with my successes and my failures.

And because I’m learning to be ok with it, I’ve made it a goal to lean into my weaknesses and my failures, seeing them both as normal parts of my life.

Leaning into this moment of jealousy, I learned that I’m living out my subconscious programming.

I’m reacting to people and situations with little to no thought.

I want to be a better person and better starts with an honest recognition of where I am in life.

Better calls me to forgive myself for those moments of jealousy.

Better reminds that I must think, act, and live like I’ve forgiven myself.

Better invites me to form new habits.

Out of my awareness, I’m choosing to seek out people who are mourning as well as people who are celebrating.

And when I find them, I’m choosing to listen carefully to their stories.

I’m forming the habit of seeing the situation through their eyes.

And when they celebrate, I’m going to put my heart into honestly celebrating with them.

Oh, and if I don’t get all this right the first time, I’m going to have enough patience and grace with myself to move on until I get better at my new habit.

I’m forming this new habit because when I got quiet, this idea came to my mind.

By forming new habits, I change.

When I change, life gets better for everyone around me.

You’re reading this message because you want to be inspired to live a life that makes a difference.

Be quiet.

Listen to what your heart and mind tell you.

Forgive yourself.

Be gracious with yourself.

Let your past be forever in your review mirror and let your eyes be always on the goal of living your best life today.


Living My Best Today