I went to the auto repair shop to have my car looked at for a possible repair. I’d had my car at this place several times before.

I walked in on a situation.

The owner was publicly berating three of his employees with no concern for anyone in the building.

Several months ago I decided to take my environments seriously.

If the environment isn’t positively adding to my life, I change my environment.

This repair shop was an ongoing negative environment.

So I changed environments. I never went back.

Environments either energize you and build you up or they pull you down and drain you.

You live, sleep and work in an environment.

Too much chaos, clutter and disorganization and you’ll find yourself exhausted just looking at it.

You associate with people who make up environments.

Too many negative attitudes, complaints, fault-finding and you’ll find yourself sinking into despair.

Communities are environments because they take on personalities and mindsets that are obvious if you pay attention.

Some people and some communities are competitive, negative and operate from a scarcity mindset.

Others are full of energy and see the possibilities all around them.

If you find yourself sinking emotionally, check your environments.

Two days ago I took my car to a new location within the same company I had left.

The guy who checked in my car was friendly, pleasant, and seemed to actually like his job.

The owner was behind the counter noticeably encouraging his employees.

I actually heard him tell two different employees, “Thanks for a great job today. I’m glad you’re here!”

When the pizza and subs arrived, I found out this was a regular occurrence. The owner takes care of his employees.

When I was handed my keys, the owner asked how satisfied I was with the time it took to work on my car.

By changing this one environment, my life is less stressful.

Overwhelmed by stress, clutter, negativity, and demanding people?

Check your environments and see what needs to change.

Take care of yourself so you can make a difference.

Be kind.

Be happy.

The world needs the best of you right now.


Living My Best Today