Does The Bible Really Say That?

Chaim Bentorah

Chaim Bentorah’s book Does the Bible Really Say That? examines “20 Seeming Biblical Contradictions.” Contradictions such as the following:

• “If God is filled with wrath and rage, then that is contradictory to His perfect love.”
• “If Jesus is God incarnate, that is God in human form, then how can He forsake Himself?”
• Does the phrase ‘Render Unto Caesar’ really mean to pay your taxes?
• “In Genesis God ‘repented’ that he made man and then in Numbers God does not ‘repent.’ Does God repent?”
• “If Jesus Christ makes no distinction between men and women (Galatians 3:28),” then why does it seem the Apostle Paul forbids “women to speak in churches and teach men?”

Because of his extensive study of Semitic languages, Chaim Bentorah’s Biblical word studies have opened the Bible for me in deeper and more meaningful ways enhancing my walk with God. I am truly thankful for his Spirit-filled insights which often reach past patriarchal and ideological conditioning.