Do I Stay Christian?

Brian D. McLaren

Am I a Christian?

In light of the MAGA-zation of Christianity in the United States combined with the radical Christianization of its Supreme Court, my answer is no.

Do I still read the Bible? Yes. I have read through it cover to cover countless times. Do I still attend church? Yes. I currently attend a progressive Evangelical Lutheran church in a nearby town. Do I still pray? Yes. Do I still ‘believe in’ Jesus? In the sense of a meta-belief, no, in the sense of knowing and loving Jesus, yes.

From the outside looking in, one might say, “yes, she’s a Christian.”

Check the box. She’s labeled. Christian.

Yes and no.

I am a follower of the teachings of Jesus … a follower of The Way.

This is an important distinction with regards to the indoctrinated and judgmental version of Christianity that Trump, Graham, Orban, Tucker, Locke (Greg), McConnell, Greene, Cordileone, et. al. would have one goose step to in subservient obedience.

Brian D. McLaren’s book Do I Stay Christian? A Guide for the Doubters, the Disappointed, and the Disillusioned examines three possible answers to the question at hand—Yes, No and How.

His book, however, is for everyone no matter what your faith or where you are in your life’s journey because the ultimate question is not “Do I stay Christian?” but “What is the quest?”

That is a far more intriguing question.