I recently wrote an email that encouraged you to BE.

I encouraged you to take care of yourself.
Within 30 minutes of sending that email, these words arrived in my inbox,
“Consider self-care as a way to insist that you matter and are worthy of care.  Make a declaration to practice self-love.  When you tend to yourself you become a person who is vibrant, healthy, passionate and loving.  This state of being encourages relationships to thrive, your health to improve, and creates a sense of purpose.  The ripple effect of this type of action positively impacts those closest to you on many levels.
– CommonHealthy Weekly Update
When I made the decision to BE, encouragement, inspiration, hope, energy and positive people began showing up everywhere I went.
I started attracting the very things I set out to build into my life.
My decision to BE kind, compassionate, courteous, happy, enough attracted some exceptional people into my life.
As a result, my life is rich.  The more inspired I become, the more positive people I attract.
The more people I attract, the bigger the difference I make in the world.
Our world really needs us to make a difference right now.
Our world needs us to care for ourselves so we bring our best to the world.
We need you to know that you are worthy of greatness.
You’re like a sleeping giant, full of love, grace, compassion and potential.  You can change our world one person at a time!
When you live to be kind, compassionate, courteous, loving, and happy, you exponentially attract those things into your life.

Living My Best Today